Treating Anger: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach

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About This On-Demand Webinar Recording

While anger is a very common problem present in behavioral health treatment settings, clinicians often struggle with helping the client un-anger themselves. While, at times, a client might seek help for anger in relation to a specific situation only, most often, clients present a pervasive angry attitude that affects several areas of their life.

This webinar will not present an “anger management” approach.  Rather, this webinar will equip the clinician to accurately diagnose the cause of the client’s anger and how to correct it.   The emphasis will be on GETTING BETTER, rather than “management.”  It will address the most common issues causing anger, such as demandingness, entitlement mentality, “shoulds,” “musts,” and resentments. Clinicians will learn skills to help the client to overcome and prevent “instant” anger reactions. Clinicians will learn how to equip the client with a rational self-counseling approach that can be applied to any situation to prevent / correct unwanted anger. Both cognitive and behavioral techniques will be presented.

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify client’s reasons for feeling angry
  • How to identify cognitions that cause “instant” anger reactions
  • How to help the client to overcome demandingness and entitlement mentality
  • Practice Implementing both cognitive and behavioral techniques to correct angry behavior
  • How to end therapy and prevent relapse

Seminar objectives

Identify client’s reasons for feeling angry
Identify cognitions that cause instant anger reactions
Explain how to overcome demandingness and entitlement mentality
Implement both cognitive and behavioral techniques
Discuss termination and relapse prevention methods

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About the Presenter
Dr. ALDO R. PUCCI, is President of the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists. Dr. Pucci was trained in Rational Behavior Therapy by its originator, internationally acclaimed psychiatrist Maxie C. Maultsby, Jr., MD. Dr. Pucci then went on to develop his own form of CBT known as “Rational Living Therapy.” He has trained thousands of mental health clinicians and has presented his workshops and certification seminars on Rational Living Therapy and Rational Hypnotherapy throughout the United States. Dr. Pucci’s seminars receive rave reviews. He holds the titles of Diplomate in Psychotherapy (The International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy), Diplomate in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (NACBT), Certified Medical Hypnotherapist (Institute of Medical Hypnosis), and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (National Board for Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Anesthesiology). Dr. Pucci is the author of many articles and two books, The Client’s Guide to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Feel the Way You Want to Feel…No Matter What!

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