Mental Health Paraprofessional Certification

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About This On-Demand Webinar Recording

Requirements for Certified Mental Health Paraprofessional

College Degree (BA / BS)
Successful Completion of our Home Study Course

Why obtain a CMHP?  It is getting progressively more difficult to find a job today. 

However, many mental health centers, crisis units, day treatment programs, mental retardation facilities, and training centers are in desperate need of qualified people to assist them in delivering services to their patients.  Many of these positions are labeled “paraprofessional”.

These mental health centers LOVE to hire people who already have training in mental health / counseling issues.  But trained people are hard to find.

If you are at all interested in psychology and working with  people, becoming certified as a Mental Health Paraprofessional could give you the competitive edge you need to get a paraprofessional job in the field.

About Our Home Study Course

Our course, titled “Paraprofessional Mental Health Certification Home Study Program” is based on the very popular and proven counseling method called Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.  More specifically, it is based on Dr. Aldo Pucci’s Rational Living Therapy — an easy-to-learn approach to helping people help themselves.

Our course will teach you…

    Basic Mental Health Information
        The Common Psychiatric Disorders (Abnormal Psychology)
        Medications Commonly Used in Treatment
        Ethical Principles in Mental Health
        Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Instruction

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive your diploma and a personalized reference letter that you can present to prospective employers that details what you have accomplished with our course!

Please note that our course is not designed to make you a “Professional Counselor” or to practice counseling or psychotherapy.  That takes years of college education.  But if you are interested in working as a Paraprofessional in a crisis unit, group home, or day treatment program, our course is appropriate for you.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Recorded Live from an RLT Level-One Seminar!  

A Complete Manual and a Exam Are Included!

What you will learn…

Part One

Introduction to Rational Living Therapy

* Rational Living Therapy Theory
    – Theory of Thought Acquisition
    – Theory of Emotional Disturbance

* RLT Assessment Techniques

* Conversational Hypnosis Techniques to Indirectly Suggest Success

* ABC’s of Emotions & Reflex Thoughts

* Rational Questions

* Disputing Techniques

* Common Mental Mistakes

* Stages of Emotional Re-Education

* Rational Action Planner

* Rational Emotive Hypnotherapy (Including a Demonstration)

* Practicing Techniques

* How to End Therapy

* How to Encourage Long-Term Results

Part Two

Applying RLT to Difficult & Challenging Clients

* In-depth presentation of over twenty reasons people have difficulty
    benefiting from therapy or resist change, including:

    – Fear of Disclosure / Shame
    – Symptom Stress
    – Hopelessness
    – Suppression
    – Reactance / Rebelliousness

* How to Identify Your Clients’ Reasons for Resisting or Having Difficulty
    Benefiting from Psychotherapy and How to Help Them Overcome

* How to Help Clients Identify their Reasons for Resistance

* Advanced persuasive techniques to help clients at least consider
    adopting new, rational thoughts.

Day Three

Application of RLT to Specific Disorders

* An introduction to the Application of Rational Living Therapy to a
    variety of common emotional / behavioral
problems, including:

    – Depression – Anxiety – Anger
    – Schizophrenia – Bipolar Disorder
    – Guilt – Low Self-Esteem
    – Compulsive Behavior
    – Drug / Alcohol Abuse

* Advanced Cognitive and Behavioral Techniques

About the Presenter
Dr. ALDO R. PUCCI, is President of the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists. Dr. Pucci was trained in Rational Behavior Therapy by its originator, internationally acclaimed psychiatrist Maxie C. Maultsby, Jr., MD. Dr. Pucci then went on to develop his own form of CBT known as “Rational Living Therapy.” He has trained thousands of mental health clinicians and has presented his workshops and certification seminars on Rational Living Therapy and Rational Hypnotherapy throughout the United States. Dr. Pucci’s seminars receive rave reviews. He holds the titles of Diplomate in Psychotherapy (The International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy), Diplomate in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (NACBT), Certified Medical Hypnotherapist (Institute of Medical Hypnosis), and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (National Board for Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Anesthesiology). Dr. Pucci is the author of many articles and two books, The Client’s Guide to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Feel the Way You Want to Feel…No Matter What!

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